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1. Scale down version based on J3-CUP, Highly simulated aircraft, using super-strong and super-tough EPP material, electronic stabilization system, the hand feel is more accurate, the flight is more stable, the structure is optimized, and the chance of damage is reduced.

2. The propeller is designed with aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and body stability. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, power-saving, and long flight time. The blade is made of ABS+PC composite material, which has high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no deformation, and durability.

3. Using 0720 coreless motors, 3 motors drive the main propeller, which reflects the characteristics of large torque, sufficient power, and high efficiency. The special high-temperature resistant magnetic steel can withstand 150 degrees of high temperature without damage.

4. Using high-efficiency 2G digital steering gear, it has the characteristics of high torque, fast response, high precision, and accurate centering. The response speed is 60°/0.08ms, which makes the aircraft fly accurately, with good hand feeling and longer life.

5. Adopt a 6-axis gyroscope. It has a stable, fast, and accurate flight attitude, especially suitable for beginners to fly.

6. The rear three-point landing gear layout integrates simulation and practical application, which is conducive to take-off and landing. The ultra-tough EVA tires assist in take-off and landing. It has high strength, high toughness, non-deformation, and impact resistance, ensuring the durability and safety of aircraft take-off and landing.

7. Standard 4-channel remote control, LCD display, battery power display, large or small operation rudder output, and optimized joystick output, making the operation more precise.

8. Professional customized high-rate lithium polymer 3.7V 500mah 25C battery with high discharge rate and long service life. The flight time is about 20 minutes, and normal use can reach 500+ use cycles.

9. Dedicated USB, lithium battery charger, with charge balance and charge stability function.
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