Brand story

We hope that through the Internet, products from all over the world can be introduced to people in other countries and regions through the network platform, so that people can learn more about the culture and material content of other countries.

In the beginning, we were doing a single category of products, but just selling products, I always felt that the connotation of this website was missing. Because our other platforms already have good performance output. So we want to express more corporate culture and direction through this website. Because we believe that more good products are a reliable way to improve happiness.

We are looking for more cost-effective products for consumers, through the structure of our business and the feedback suggestions from our consumers. Continue to invest in the development of new products, hoping to have more influence on our consumers and fans.

In order to keep us on track, we have worked hard to adhere to three core values.

Humans, not superhumans. We put real people at the center of everything we do, and we support equality and human rights for everyone.

Earth environment, protect our ecological environment, and create a virtuous development cycle. We need to design our products and operate our business through a circular and sustainable lens to minimise our impact on the environment.

Products, quality above all else. We work with manufacturing partners who provide top-notch product quality and share our human rights and environmental values. At the same time, we are also producers and consumers ourselves, which means we know better what our customers need and what kind of help we can provide.

Ultimately, what we're building is a vibrant and diverse community, and if you love peace and have fun, we'll have a great time together.