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ENGPOW Faraday Bag Fireproof Signal Blocking Bag

ENGPOW Faraday Bag Fireproof Signal Blocking Bag

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  • New materials and designs:Double Layered design, high quality Black Non-itchy Liquid Silicone Coated Fireproof Fiberglass and shield material.Fireproof Bag can withstand temperatures as high as 1022℉ (about 550℃).The double pocket has the functions of Fire-Water Resistant,Anti-radiation,anti-tracking,anti-spying,GPS RFID signal blocker
  • Convenient and portable:The inner pocket of the shield signal can store phone or other electronic products.The outer pocket of the fireproof material can store important documents or cash---Stylish look and multi-function design.
  • Block Cell Phone and Car-key FOB Signal:If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the silver layer pocket of the bag and close it, then the phone will be disconnected; this bag can also block Cell Phone GPS Signal to prevent tracking, protect your privacy.And it Keep your car's security system from getting hacked
  • Wide Range of Applications: Fireproof Faraday bag can meet your multiple needs.Not only can you put your bag at home, office, car, it's also a good decision to put it in the safe box.You can feel 100% confident that your vital information is in a safe place. (100% Anti-radiation Anti-tracking Anti-spying Fire-Water Resistant)
  • Warranty:2 year Warranty: ENGPOW provide friendly after-sale service and no risk refund for our customers. If you have any issue,please contact us and we will try out best to solve your issue!
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